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Earth pressure balance rectangular pipe jacking machine

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The 4.2m*6.9m earth pressure balance rectangular pipe jacking machine is a new product jointly produced by our company and Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd. It adopts a large middle cutter head and eccentric crankshaft cutter heads on both sides, so there is no dead angle. There is no spindle in the middle door, and the international famous brand ABB reducer, ABB motor and Siemens inverter are used. It is suitable for construction in the bottom layer of clay, silt and silty sand.
It is mainly used for the construction of underground passages, subway station entrances and exits, underground public facilities pipelines and other underground projects without closing traffic, relocating underground pipelines and damaging the streetscape in urban areas.
Technical features of the earth pressure balance rectangular pipe jacking machine:
1. Use the earth pressure balance rectangular pipe jacking machine to perform full-section cutting;
2. Maintain earth pressure balance and little disturbance to surrounding soil;
3. High space utilization rate, reducing underground excavation of earthwork;
4. Does not affect road traffic, water transportation and various buildings on the ground;
5. No noise and no environmental pollution during construction.
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