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Single-cutter earth pressure balance pipe jacking machine

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The single-cutter earth pressure balance pipe jacking machine can be used in both soft and hard soils. It is a pipe jacking machine for all soils. The depth of the soil is not high, and the minimum is 1.5 times the pipe diameter. Through a reasonable grouting method, the soil can be improved and the ground settlement of the control surface stabilizer can be maintained. The deformation is extremely small, the transportation and handling of the spoil is convenient and simple, the working environment is good, the operation is safe and convenient, and it is suitable for large-diameter and long-distance pipe jacking.
Technical features:
1. It is suitable for a wide range of soil quality: not only suitable for all kinds of soil, but also for medium coarse sand, strong weathered and medium weathered sandstone;
2. Using low-speed and large-torque transmission mode, the cutting force of the cutter head is high, and the overload coefficient can reach more than 3;
3. There is an independent and complete soil water injection and grouting system, which can improve the soil of the excavation surface, thereby expanding the scope of application;
4. The construction ground settlement is small, and the minimum composite soil layer is only 1.5 times the pipe diameter;
5. It adopts a center-supported cutter head, which has compact structure, light weight, long service life and convenient maintenance;
6. Unearthed by screw conveyor, the unearthed height is high and the particle size is large;
7. The correction angle is 2.5 degrees, and the nose pitch and weave rotation adopt advanced control system, which can be digitally displayed, easy to operate, sensitive in action, intuitive and reliable;
8. Full-face cutting, full opening rate, realistic earth pressure.
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