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Shield Jacking Machine


The top shield machine can achieve the conversion between the top pipe tunnel construction method and the segment assembly tunnel construction method during construction, and there are two options: the waste disposal method by the dump truck and the waste disposal method by the mud pipeline. The center driven slurry top shield machine is a unique type of shield machine from Yangzhou Dilong Company. The unique design of mud water technology and gravel bin provides customers with more solutions for tunnel construction. With the rapid development of the economy, the top shield machine has obvious advantages in the construction of municipal public underground engineering in cities, such as safety, stability, and efficiency.
  • Description
  • Mud-water balanced shield jacking machine is a tunneling and lining machine that combines the performance and characteristics of pipe jacking machine and shield machine.

      Mud-water balanced shield jacking machine adopts the first product design program in China, which combines the design concepts of pipe jacking machine and shield machine, compatibly considers the structure of cement pipe and shield pipe sheet, and designs the mud-water balanced shield jacking machine, with steel ring and conversion ring installed in the tail shield. It can realize the mode switching between pipe jacking and shield structure.

      Features of mud-water balanced top shield machine:

      1) The top shield machine is capable of long-distance propulsion.

      2) The equipment adopts double articulation to facilitate deviation correction, and it can make small radius turns and three-dimensional turns.

      2) Fast digging speed. Because the pipe jacking can be carried out, compared with the shield machine, the cement pipe is carried in the pit during construction, and does not need to be assembled by the pipe piece assembling machine, so the digging speed is significantly accelerated.

      3) It can be started in sections, and the starting and receiving wells cover a small area, which is especially important in urban construction.

      4) Low construction cost. Compared with the pure shield structure, the top shield construction significantly reduces the cost and has better economic applicability.

      The company's products have been well received by users after being put on the market, and were reported in the official video number of Xinhua News Agency under the title of "the first application of top pipe shield in North China in line with the commissioning of the power tunnel project", focusing on describing the performance of the product, as well as the role of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei energy security.


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